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Why Conn & Company?

Conn & Company offers you:

"CONN-structive" information: We offer a full array of accounting, tax and consultative services and provide the most current tax and general information to insure your stability and success.

"CONN-stant" updates: At Conn & Company, we stay on top of changing tax and accounting laws. By truly knowing our ever-changing business, we provide vital information to help you evolve and grow.

"CONN-sultative" position: Our staff places particular emphasis on building personal relationships with our clients. By taking time to know you, we become more than consultants, we become true partners to you and your business.

"CONN-ection": Conn & Company is a friend to the community. Our goal is to help our clients succeed personally and professionally. It is our contribution to making Atlanta a better place to live and work.

"CONN-templative" perspective: Our staff takes special care in assessing your individual needs. By truly understanding your current position, we offer guidance to meet and achieve your ultimate goals.

"CONN-tact": At Conn & Company, we are always available to assist you. Because we are a small firm, our staff places customer service above everything. You get attentive service when you need it.

"CONN-gratulations" on choosing Conn & Company for your tax and accounting needs. Contact us today and let us know how we can serve you.

Our Mission is to provide accounting and tax services that go beyond the scope of traditional services offered by most practitioners...


This is of paramount importance because it allows us to deliver our service both timely and accurately. We understand the day to day "emergencies" of our clients and do everything to solve them on the spot. In fact, most clients get an answer on their first try. This allows clients to have a true sense of comfort when dealing with our firm. That's just what we want!


In addition to providing quality work, the ultimate reward for our firm is client satisfaction. This may be in the form of providing a monthly financial statement, resolving an IRS matter, tax savings through proper planning or just help with a bank reconciliation. Whichever it may be, client satisfaction drives our firm.


Although accounting and tax services are the mainstay of our practice, we provide many related services. Arranging financing for clients, investment strategies, insurance and retirement planning are some examples. Our experienced staff allows us to handle these issues effectively.

We understand that selecting an accounting firm is a very important and personal decision for most people. Our goal is to make this decision as easy as possible.

Thank You

Specializing and serving our community for the past 20 years in all facets of accounting, taxation, auditing, business valuation and business consulting.

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Conn & Company • Phone: (770) 396-0015 • Fax: (770) 698-8331